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4.5 trillion cigarette butts are tossed into the environment every year - making them the most common type of litter worldwide.

Note: Smoking and cigarette butt litter are very separate issues.

75% of smokers admit to disposing of their butts on the ground or from cars.

With BUTTsOUT, just drop your butt in and close the lid.

Careless smoking is the number one cause of fire related death and injury in the United States.

BUTTsOUT are made of flame resistant plastic.

It can take up to 12 years for a cigarette butt to break down in the environment.

With BUTTsOUT, there's no smell, mess or reason to ever litter again.

BUTTsOUT was created by two Aussie mates fed up with how cigarette litter was destroying the environment.

They are now in over 35 countries, part of countless community cleanup efforts and have helped alter the behavior of thousands of smokers worldwide.

You'll totally spark to them.

BUTTsOUT.us is excited to help clean up America.


For Hollywood, being anti-litter is a positive stance and great PR. BUTTsOUT provides a tangible platform celebrities and Influencers can get behind and use their platforms to help bring about changes in their Follower's smoking behavior.

The solution begins with one butt at a time.

No one is better equipped to take on cigarette butt litter than the cigarette industry themselves. Why not include a BUTTsOUT with a 3-pack or carton?

Combat the pack mentality.

BUTTsOUT are an ideal promotional item for companies and organizations. They advertise your brand, while showing customers and the community that you’re part of the solution.


Organize workplace campaigns and sponsor cleanups to get people in your area involved. Pass BUTTsOUT out to every smoker you know - encourage one for work and one at home - every one loves 'em - they're so cute.


Learn to filter yourself.

Time for a good butt kickin’.

After you puff daddy.

Nicotine fits.

Grind those butts at the club.

Done blowin’ smoke,

Hot butts go here.

Matches up well.

Get your butt out of the way.

Save your own butt first.

It’s okay to butt in.

Tap out.

Can’t drag it out any longer.

Got a light?

Carton these around is easy.

A solution for your big butt.

Take your butts out for a walk.

Talk about butt ugly.

Get your butt bent out of shape.


Watch your ash.

Let’s take this outside.

Gotta love the wildlife.

Seriously, butt out.

So many hot butts in L.A.

No need to get fired up.

Valuable beachfront property.

Where there’s smoke, there’s...

Big butts are the bomb.

Nice smoking with you.

Take your butts out camping.

Have the hots for ‘em.

Their butt is your problem.

Get the scoop.

Get your butt out of the gutter.

Exercise some street smarts.

You gotta have the fire inside.

Way to drop your smoke.

Where the heck you bin.

Dispose of the problem.

Smoke break’s over.

When your butt is down and out.

Tweet about your latest crush.

End burning man.


Favorite Hollywood crush.

Fo shizzle that sizzle.

Pack with Sunset Strip hotties.

Older Actors can get puffy.

So many celeb butts in rehab.

If the comedian’s on fire.

Cardi B’s blunt.

When it’s over for Charlie Sheen.

Spear Britney’s butt.

Slow your pre-roll.

Kiefer still needs an ash kickin’.

After Seth Rogen gets stoked.

How real housewives put out.

Any one can be flamous.

Paparazzi loves the butts out.


Capture the American spirit.

The Marlboro Man can.

Accepting of big tobacco.

No Bensons in the hedges.

Winston’s down and out.

Watch Pall Mall fall.

Parliamentary proceedure

Littering ain’t Kool.

Camel cans.

Corral Nat Sherman’s butt.

You’re in with your Merits.

Seize the Chesterfields.

Love the tiny butts of Capri.

Be a light packer.

Newport is for hotties.

Swish those sweets.

When it’s time to drop Kent.

Corporate handouts kick butt.

Folks fuming at the office?

Pass out at company parties.

Package deal.

Trash your boss’s butt.

New accounting program.

Gross holdings.

Drop in after you’ve finished.

Make that burn go away.

Grab your coworkers butt.

Matchy match.

Butts out in the supply closet.

Green piece.

Can it.

Out for a smoke.

Smoking buddies.

Get your stinky butt in here.

Inhale, exhale - all hail.

Better than talking trash.

Ground attack.

A total buttinski.

Hello cigararello.

Knock your butt out cold.

Available for takeout.

In case you’re fired.

Pollution solution.

Seriously, butt out.


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