Chang and his brother quickly went their separate ways and lost touch. Chang turned out to be a gifted Tenor and somehow received a scholarship to the University of Philippines. There, he shined performing for high society and government officials.

The future felt bright

For Chang and Ae In, it was always about the music. They met sometime later at Soul University and when she immigrated to America, she found a church to sponsor Chang’s immigration as a Conductor.

For the two of them to take tAve root in the safety and beauty of Southern California was nothing short of a miracle. In addition to Chang's perilous journey, Ae In's family was forced to flee on the top of a train. Hearing the story of how as a little girl, she heard the screams of people who couldn't hold on and fell off during the night was haunting.

During their early days in the U.S., Chang and Ae In's big splurge was a trip to the opera. They didn’t have much money, so all they could only afford were seats in the rafters. That night, they were completely blown away by the power, volume and level of vocal talent they witnessed on stage. So much so that they returned home totally dejected. They were convinced there was no way Chang could compete as a vocalist in America - his dreams of Juilliard’s and a New York singing career were instantly destroyed.

Chang and Ae In always sharded their faith and love for music

Many years later, they learned that the performers that night had been mic’d. At that time, neither of them had any idea something like that even existed.


With Chang’s body winding down, Joohae and Banjo go thru some of the back and forths from the mom’s 'helper text thread' they share with Jin and Janel. One thing that stands out is the large out of pocket, per day additional costs of a 24 hour nurse.

At this point, the pandemic was keeping everyone at home, so in a phone call, Banjo suggested that instead of going over in groups to ‘visit,’ everyone could take individual shifts helping out. Anew even though there was no solid plan, the idea of a rotating help seemed like a doable solution.

  •      BANJO
  • He’s very weak - and he’s not eating that much - how long could he last - a week or two?
  •      JIN
  • Tops.


Standing outside, a masked Jin and Joohae discuss next steps with the HOME HOSPICE REPRESENTATIVE.

Jin’s work has been very understanding. Joohae’s new gig, however, is off the rails on a daily basis. So in addition to dealing with this, she’s trying her best to keep it together for the almost hourly barrage of calls, emails and texts. As brother and sister, they were navigating this difficult situation together - with a sibling grace and class that you could tell was making Chang proud and thankful.

  •      BANJO
  • I'll take Monday and Tuesday.

Janel chimes in that she’ll take Wednesday and Thursday.

  •      JOOHAE
  • You sure?
  •     BANJO
  • It's’s nice out. I can lay a towel on the grass, bring some work, then mask up to help out as needed.

Janel chimes in that she’ll take Wednesday and Thursday.

  •      JOOHAE
  • That would help so much.
  •      JIN
  • I'll take the night shift.

Jin and Joohae are grateful or their partners.

For Joohae. it wasn't easy assimilating to life in the tubular Valley Girl days - especially with her mother packing seaweed in her lunchbox and her father introducing himself to her class as 'Joohae's daddy.' She wanted to die.

Chang, Ae In, Joohae & Jin

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